History of Iranian Menirere's Disease Registry Program in Guilan University of Medical Sciencese

The idea of designing an information database containing data from Menirere's Patients propose in early 2017, that initial charter prepared and introduced to the Research Council of Rhino-sinus, Ear, and Skull base Diseases Research Center, on 19/09/2017. After the initial studies and survey of national and international experience, the first version of the charter of the study, performance protocol, and data collection forms were developed.  The registration program with title" Iranian Menirere's Disease Registry Program" was submitted to Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education under the sponsorship of the Guilan University of Medical Sciences Research Assistant with the code IR.REG.GUMS. 1396.111 was approved on December 12, 2017. Subsequently, the responsibility for designing and implementing the registration

program for Menirere's patients was granted to Rhino-sinus, Ear, and Skull base Diseases Research Center and  Dr. Shadman Nemati.